How To Transfer Utilities When Shifting Your Home?

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  • 23-Jun-2022

If you are near your shifting date lots of work you have to manage before shifting. One of them is to stop the current utility and transfer those in your new area as soon as possible. Like all other important work on your moving checklist it is also very important task which need to be organized in a manner. For any shifting you can hire a reliable Packers and Movers in Hazaribagh to manage your relocation.  In this blog we assist you with effective solutions how to transfer your utilities and make you feel relax to stay in a new area.

1) Make a list of your utilities you need to transfer while moving

At first make a list of utilities which you are using presently. Some essential utilities are- Electricity, LPG connections, Water, Telephone, Cable connections, Internet, Garbage removal etc. Call them and ask to stop those from a particular date. You can ask them to transfer the service in your new area

2) Find utility providers in your new place

If you move in the same city then you can get the same services in your new area and the no need to cancel only you have to update the address and phone numbers. But when you move to another city or in another state you have to find out the new service provider and set up new utilities.

3) Contact the new utility provider of that area

Do a research and make a list of service provider with phone numbers. Call them and ask the process of starting the new service. You will take all the details and offers to be the first time customer.

Ending Lines

Always plan earlier to avoid last minutes rush and remember your effective plan will help to reduce your stress. All of your home shifting work can be managed by a professional mover like Anil Packers and Movers and for rest work your local utility provider will handle. Hope you liked the blog.

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